Dorotea Mercuri

A few words about me.

Dorotea Mercuri was born and raised in Italy, has spent years in Greece and travelled all over the world before she had to decide whether her father’s Italian or her mother’s Greek heritage was suited her best. She studied acting in New York, at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and before her film acting career she was a model for major fashion and beauty houses.

In films she embodies the image of the Mediterranean woman. She speaks five languages (Greek, Italian, English, French and Spanish) but prefers to seek that of truth in those around her. This past year she has been living in crisis-stricken Greece which she documents photographing street art and stories.

When asked “of all the cultures you carry within you, because of your origins and your travels, which one expresses you better?” she usually answers “People are what they choose to learn, but owe their love to what becomes them most. I love the Mediterranean.